About Forkful

Created by Robert Shecter

A Responsible AI Project

AI writes the draft, then people review. Site visitors see full transparency.

In a nutshell, a sort of pair-programmer for technical docs. This seems to be the best way to use AI for content generation, circa January 2024.

I always liked “Cookbook”-style documentation the most.

In December 2023 I decided to make my own. I needed to know how to do a simple debug/print in Haskell. But I think I’m just not intelligent enough to understand the Haskell Wiki’s entry.

I’ve coded in a ton of programming languages, and I’m not looking for a dissertation. 😅 I only wanted to see the very simplest description. As in,

If you want to debug-print x, change it to (trace "message" x). It will print message and return x. It’s transparent to the rest of your code.

That’s something my small brain can understand.

Now, is the Forkful Haskell page for debug print as understandable? It’s not as dead simple as I imagined, but I think the me of a month ago would have understood it. I’m actively fine-tuning my AI code.

Another thing I’ve always wanted to start building: web sites where every page can be edited on GitHub.

Finally, with AI (OpenAI their API) getting so useful, I can make this site in “all the languages”. And then somehow still allow people to edit and contribute. So far so good.