Interpolating a string

How to:

;; Basics with `str` and `format`
(def name "World")
(str "Hello, " name "!")  ; => "Hello, World!"

;; Using `format`, akin to printf-style formatting
(format "Goodbye, %s!" name)  ; => "Goodbye, World!"

;; Clojure doesn't have built-in string interpolation like other languages,
;; but we can get creative with `str` and `format`.

Deep Dive:

Clojure’s a bit of an ascetic: no built-in string interpolation. However, str and format are the go-to for dynamic strings. Origin story? Clojure’s simplicity ethos. It trusts we can handle string construction ourselves.

For alternatives, enter the templating world: clostache (a Clojure implementation of Mustache) or hiccup for HTML contexts. They come handy when str and format feel too primitive.

Under the hood, format delegates to Java’s String.format, a fact that illustrates Clojure’s Java interoperability superpower. So, while you don’t get the sugar, you’ve got the muscle of Java when you need it.

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