Removing quotes from a string

Removing quotes from a string

How to:

Dart provides straightforward ways to remove quotes from a string using built-in string methods without the need for third-party libraries.

Example 1: Using replaceFirst and replaceAll

If you’re dealing with strings that start and end with quotes, you can use replaceFirst and replaceAll methods to remove them.

String quotedString = '"Hello, World!"';
String singleQuotedString = '\'Dart Programming\'';

// Removing double quotes
String noDoubleQuotes = quotedString.replaceFirst('"', '').replaceAll('"', '');
print(noDoubleQuotes); // Output: Hello, World!

// Removing single quotes
String noSingleQuotes = singleQuotedString.replaceFirst('\'', '').replaceAll('\'', '');
print(noSingleQuotes); // Output: Dart Programming

Example 2: Using substring

This method is useful when you are sure the quotes are at the very start and end of the string.

String quotedString = '"Flutter Development"';
// Check if it starts and ends with quotes before removing to avoid errors
if (quotedString.startsWith('"') && quotedString.endsWith('"')) {
  quotedString = quotedString.substring(1, quotedString.length - 1);
print(quotedString); // Output: Flutter Development

Example 3: Custom Extension Method

For more reusability, particularly if your project involves frequent quote removal, consider creating a custom extension on String.

extension UnquoteString on String {
  String unquote() {
    var str = this;
    if (str.startsWith('"') && str.endsWith('"') || str.startsWith('\'') && str.endsWith('\'')) {
      str = str.substring(1, str.length - 1);
    return str;

void main() {
  String doubleQuoted = '"This is Dart"';
  String singleQuoted = '\'This is awesome\'';
  print(doubleQuoted.unquote()); // Output: This is Dart
  print(singleQuoted.unquote()); // Output: This is awesome

These approaches should help you remove quotes from strings effectively in Dart, enhancing your data processing and preparation workflows.