Capitalizing a string

How to:

Elixir provides a straightforward way to capitalize strings using its built-in functions without the need for third-party libraries. Here’s a simple example:

string = "elixir programming"
capitalized_string = String.capitalize(string)
IO.puts capitalized_string


Elixir programming

For cases where more control or complex capitalization logic is needed, you might combine different String functions. For instance, if you want to capitalize every word in a sentence, you can split the sentence into words, capitalize each, and then join them back together:

sentence = "elixir is fun"
capitalized_sentence = sentence 
                        |> String.split() 
                        |> Enum.map(&String.capitalize/1) 
                        |> Enum.join(" ")

IO.puts capitalized_sentence


Elixir Is Fun

While Elixir’s standard library covers most needs, for more nuanced text manipulation, including advanced string capitalization, you might explore third-party libraries such as Cldr for internationalization, which can offer locale-specific capitalization behaviors.