Finding the length of a string

Finding the length of a string

How to:

In Elixir, you get a string’s length with the String.length/1 function. Here’s how:

my_string = "Hello, World!"
length = String.length(my_string)

Sample output:


Deep Dive

Internally, Elixir strings are UTF-8 encoded binaries. Each character can be one to four bytes. So, when we call String.length/1, we’re not merely counting bytes; we’re counting Unicode graphemes, which are what we perceive as characters.

Historically, string length operations in many languages were byte-centric and did not account well for multi-byte characters. Elixir’s approach is modern and Unicode-friendly from the get-go.

As for alternatives, you could manually count graphemes using recursion or with a loop, but that’s unnecessary and inefficient. String.length/1 is optimized and idiomatic.

Elixir’s implementation uses an Erlang NIF (Native Implemented Function) for String.length/1, making it lightning fast. Counting bytes instead of graphemes is done with byte_size/1, which counts the raw bytes of a string’s binary representation—useful in low-level operations where encoding doesn’t matter.

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